To Stephanie Lang Heilman, the wonderful, adventurous, steadfast, earnest, independent editor who learned all the rules of this event and kept them sacred.
— Dr. Jeanine Staples, Author of The Revelations of Asher
Stephanie’s editing was fantastic. She copyedited an entire academic book manuscript for me and cleaned up my writing up wonderfully. I appreciated the way she tightened my prose without losing my voice or changing my argument.
— Tiffany Lewis
Stephanie is a fantastic editor. She was excited about my project, provided in depth comments, allowed me to write and rewrite sections, and improved the quality of the work. She was responsive to my needs and timely in getting back to me. I found working with her to be enjoyable and rewarding. I highly recommend her.
— Kevin Baker
Stephanie did an amazing job editing my book. She was always professional and quick to respond. I’m ecstatic with the finished product. She was able to manage the difficult task of maintaining the integrity of the work while making it better. I highly recommend her!
— Erin Werely
Stephanie is very precise and has been most helpful. Plus! I am learning a good bit in the process. Nice to know where my idiosyncrasies in writing are. Easy to communicate with. I am very happy with her work editing my fantasy series.
— Dr. Joe Koob
Stephanie was enthusiastic about working on my manuscript. She delivered early and she surpassed [my expectations] regarding the work she did on my manuscript. She is very knowledgeable and I was really pleased with the proofreading she did. I have no doubt that she can help any manuscript get in tip top shape.
— Deyn Grayly, @DeynsWorld
Stephanie has an excellent knowledge of grammar and punctuation. She works fast and does not make mistakes. Flexible, she can combine elements of proof-reading and copy-editing — just let her know exactly what you think your manuscript needs.
— Margaret Smith
She is an effective proofreader and editor. Got mine done in one day, and I love her work! Strongly recommended!
— Li Tian