Own a blog? Wrapping up your final manuscript for submission to an agent or publisher? 

Light copy editing will catch any straggling typos, spelling or grammar errors, as well as formatting issues. Any minor stylistic elements can be included as well.

Medium and heavy copy editing are more in-depth, involving degrees of reorganization and rewriting (from just a handful of sentences to entire paragraphs). Let me know any major concerns you have about your work up front and we can collaborate from the start.

Developmental editing

If you believe your work needs more than heavy editing--perhaps you have some serious questions about structure or need help developing a line of your argument--a developmental edit may be needed.



Proofreading ensures that the printer's proof of your manuscript matches the approved copy sent to the printer. There may be several sets of proofs for your project--whether published in print or digitally. Proofreading is charged by the page.

Research & Permissions


My research services include completing or correcting bibliography and note citations, fact-checking names, dates, places, etc., or any other investigative assistance you may need. This service is offered independently of editing, but my clients often combine the two.


Permissions Clearance

Should your work include any text, image, or other works held by a third party, I can assist in permissions acquisitions. This can be a bothersome task, involving negotiating with both your publisher and the rights holder--why not hand it off to someone with experience in this area? You'll be free to focus your attention on your creative endeavors.

 I can also assess the production quality of your artwork file and assist in acquiring high-resolution images for printing.